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We're gonna do it with passion, or not at all.


"Clay and his BBQ are one of the great, happy stories that make life in the South a pleasure. This, his story, C.H.O.P.’s food, that spirit is who we really are." - Kevin Tate

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"Mississippi's best barbecue is actually in a bait and tackle shop

This humble Tupelo restaurant makes award-winning barbecue in an unusual locale"


"Tucked inside a bait and tackle shop, you’ll find some of the South’s tastiest barbecue." 

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 "Clay's House of Pig (nicknamed C.H.O.P. by locals), serves the best ribs you'll sink your teeth into." 

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"Surprising to find this world-class barbecue inside a tiny bait and tackle shop in Tupelo, Mississippi."

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"A Mississippi Man's Bait Shop Transitions to Popular Eatery"

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"Also known as C.H.O.P., this barbecue joint is the real deal, serving meats smoked on a hand-built smoker with charcoal, hickory, and pecan. All of the sauces and rubs are made in house and as they say, “You better bring an extra shirt, because you WILL be covered in BBQ sauce, rib juice, and slobber!”"

"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start." 

- Anthony Bourdain

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