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  I don’t normally “endorse” (if you will) restaurants. But as with anything, there’s always exceptions. Today, my friend Tonya invited me to lunch at Clay’s. Let me preface this by saying for 1. I’m not a fan of BBQ and 2. The sign outside this establishment said “Bait & Tackle.” So with not being fond of BBQ nor a fisherman, I was preparing myself to walk in and be knocked down by the scent of Catfish Charlie while praying they had chicken strips on the menu. Oh was I badly mistaken. First, they had Vacation Bible School Punch (Baptist recipe, I was hoping Presbyterian). At first I questioned if we were being served Cheetos & butter cookies (the kind you can wear as rings) on square paper napkins - with just enough punch to fill a standard test tube. Again, badly mistaken. I ordered 2 brisket street tacos and a 1/2 bbq tater, hold the jalapeños. Dear sweet baby Jesus.... I have NEVER in my life experienced whatever it was I experienced there at 205 S Veterans approx at 1:15 this afternoon. At one point I had an out of body experience. That experience took me straight to the Pearly Gates where I was able to determine that these two entrees will be served on Judgement Day for all God’s children. And since we know not the day or time, I do know the days and hours Clay is open. Therefore I have made plans to order carry-out tomorrow night with some friends as well as meet friends there Friday after work. Folks, I invite you to come & fellowship. Your life will be forever changed. And to Clay, I don’t know you. But I had a one on one with your food today. Let me just say, well done my brethren.

Kevin Knight (Facebook Review)

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